Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's About The Process....

So I am taking this weaving class... Some time ago, yes years, I became enamored with the rigid heddle loom and had to have one. Being a fiber-ey type it appealed to my fiber-ey nature, being a knitter it appealed to my love of creating fabric. When knitting you cast on and then you are off, knitting away watching your project grow with every row. How difficult could weaving be? It is an ancient process done with stones, string and wood, I could do this! Weaving is fun, easy and relaxing. Yarn wrapped around a stick, shuttling back and forth between warp threads, the soft beating of the heddle pressing the warp into place...ah yes, this I like. So why has my beautiful Kromski Harp loom sat static for years? In a word....warp....Gads this part is tough! I have tried to do this on my own with no avail. My first (and only) two projects completed on this loom were done after a class in which we warped my loom. So now I embark on another warping journey with the help of an amazing weaver, Carol. Here are two photos of my heddle in the process of being 'slayed' or threaded. This is the third step in the process, the first being...math...the second figuring where to put the pegs on the warping board to wind the warp (warping board, sounds like a torture device and felt like one to me) and tying them just right so they don't make a tangled mess when you get them to the heddle and slay it. Whew!
This is quite a process, so my little knitter brain is learning fiber patience and a great appreciation for those women who wove the fabric of our past..... sweet.

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