Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh Bento!

I will forever be true to fiber, knitting, crochet, naalbinding and weaving but....I have a new little squeeze on the side, called BENTO. Bento boxes, bento lunches, bento bags, bento bottles, bento, Bento, Oh BENTO! Here are two photos of my first bento attempts and the lid of one (yes, one) of my bento boxes that a friend brought me from Japan. My life has been consumed by bento. Now a new aisle at Marukai has opened up for me, the bento aisle! sigh....There are entire Flickr groups dedicated to bento. There are bento blogs, bento competitions, bento yahoo groups. These little boxes are so cute, and they really speak to my organized side. Though they look small, you can fit quite a bit of food into them. A bento should hold at least 5 different colors of food (yipeee!) and every little bit of it should be filled (double yipeee!). My first bento pictured has rice with furikake, a sliced Mornigstar Farms chick patty, hardboiled egg, assorted vegi's and fruit and some hummus. The second one has cabbage, a sliced jack cheese and chili tamale, spinach, assorted vegi's and fruit......delicious!

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