Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I wish for peace. Peace in my home, Peace in my heart, Peace in my life and Peace in the world. I wish all of this for all of you.

This year I start my peaceful journey by waking up my personal spaces. I have decided to bring visual peace to those small and taken for granted places in my daily routine, beginning with my corner of the bathroom. I had been keeping my hair clips, combs and often worn earrings on and in a basket. Said basket had been my faithful servant for many years and was weary of the task. A trip to Marukai for inspiration and I found bowls. Lovely blue and white bowls, a large one for my hair claws, a smaller one for my hair combs and my hook earrings. I also have three small platters for post earrings and thus&such. I am so pleased. Every morning when I look in my corner I see peace, clarity and order....ah, delicious.

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Anonymous said...

I love what you say, Sandra, and I could not agree more. I wish for my life to be filled with peace as well and may-be the place to start is in those little places in the home. Thank you for your inspiration, my friend.